About the firm.


About Brent Edwards.

Edwards Engineering specializes in vineyard development projects. Located in Napa, California, Edwards Engineering currently serves dozens of premier wineries and growers in the wine industry throughout California and the North West. Our experience includes projects ranging from less than one acre to several hundred acres in size. Utilizing the latest hardware and software technology, we are able to perform detailed hydraulic analysis as well as three-dimensional digital terrain modeling for earthworks and grading projects.

Edwards Engineering is a small company, yet we pride ourselves on providing full engineering services through partnerships with highly qualified specialists and consultants. For projects that require services outside our expertise, we have close working relationships with viticulturists, surveyors, geotechnical engineers, hydrologists, biologists, land use planners and attorneys.

Brent Edwards' special expertise was developed over the thirty years he has worked for small engineering firms that specialize in vineyard development engineering. During this time, he has worked on projects throughout California, the North West and China. Each project had its own unique challenges and requirements that contributed to a broad range of experience.

Brent Edwards is a registered civil engineer in California and Oregon. He obtained his bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and attended graduate school at the University of California at Davis.


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